3 Tips in Maintaining Your Christmas Tree Fresh for Longer

The natural Christmas tree remains one of the top choices for the holiday season, despite the abundance of its plastic counterparts. If you decide to go for such fresh tree to bring a life of the season into your place, then you must know how to properly care for it in order to maintain its aspect. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Protect the tree immediately after purchase

Although it would be ideal to cut the tree from your own yard, this thing is usually impossible. Therefore, when you purchase a tree that’s already been cut you have to ensure its integrity during transportation. One way to do that is to wrap it in a plastic cover and remove that as soon as you get home.

Once you arrive at the destination it’s also important to cut about 5 cm from the base of your tree. Why is this necessary? Because as soon as it’s cut, the tree’s resin begins to seal its base, and this will implicitly prevent extra water absorption.

2. Place the tree on a stand with water

For the tree to remain green as long as possible you should place in a wet medium. Keep in mind that your tree should not be left to dry in any circumstance because in that case, it will immediately lose its freshness.

How determine the ideal quantity of water? Well, a tree usually absorbs about 1 liter of water per every 5 inches of trunk diameter.

Even if the tree does not begin to absorb water from its first day, the moisture created will seal the base and prevent the tree from drying.

3. Place your tree in the right place

Another way to ensure that your Christmas tree does not dry out prematurely is to place it far away from direct sunlight, heat sources or and ventilation systems, since they will only hasten the drying process.

It is also recommended to place a humidifier in your room to maintain your tree’s freshness and to reduce the risk of fire.

For the same reason you should also pay extra attention to festive decorations – avoid placing candles near the tree and check the lighting installations well in advance.


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