A Unique DIY Cabinet for Your Kid’s Room

If you are a mother who really knows how time and money can always be an issue with the little one around. And you don’t want to spend much money on a furniture item that is easy to do-it-yourself.

Here is a great way to make a cabinet quickly and on a budget. This can be repeated as your child grows older.

– Use an existing piece of the cabinet or pick one up at a yard sale.

– Sand it down with sandpaper; paint it with white matte paint color or any color that can go well with the wall color in your kid’s room and leave to dry.

– Choose a couple of pictures or stickers of your child’s favorite cartoon characters and glue them onto the cabinet. You can buy glue from any hardware store in your area.

– Wait for the glue to dry before applying a layer of non-toxic clear varnish. You might have to apply a second layer of varnish to the cabinet in order to improve the finish.

– Once the varnish is dry you will have a beautiful hand-made cabinet for the room of your little one.

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