Cupcake Decorating Ideas for Any Occasion

Most women need their baking to look amazing. And cupcakes are the perfect choice of any occasion. Cupcakes are really flexible. Just keep your imagination and mind open, some inspiration might strike.


The followings are the cupcake decorating ideas you may apply.

# Decorate with “Candy Clay”
To make the candy clay into any shapes…let’s say — flower, so now you need candy clay, flower cutters, candy color, and icing pen. Next, just melt it as the package directions. And then add some corn syrup and stir. Knead in color until well blended. Roll out to a thin consistency and cut out with flower cutters. And let it set on a sheet through the night. Decorate them as you imagine.

# Cover Cupcake in “Fondant”
Fondant is composed of sugar, water, and edible color. Boil and stir all ingredients together. And when you see the fondant become very stiff, crumbly, and hard to manipulate, it’s time to moisten your hands and begin kneading it into a ball like bread dough. Finally, it’s prompt to be rolled into sheets to cover the entire cupcake now.


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