Decorative Plates & Some Stylish Decorating Ideas

Plates are a big collectible in home decorating. Decorating with plates can add charm and dimension to your rooms. But it’s not necessary to decorate only with rare antique plates in your home. Look for beautiful plates that catch your eyes and reflect your style from your own cupboards.

Here are some ideas to use decorative plates to spruce up your home.

  • Make a large wall arrangement grouping with one color family plates.
  • Hang a row of plates over arched windows or over the doorways.
  • Decorate the plates in any areas you’d like to such as hanging them over the headboard in the bedroom, place as a soap dish in the bathroom, or hang as an art gallery on an empty wall of living room.

Decorating your home with everyday stuff is a great way to save costs in decoration. Additionally, that will make you appreciate the beauty in ordinary things as well.

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