Easy Halloween Crafts for this Spooky Season

Halloween crafts are a great idea for some spooky fun! Anything interesting right from a carved pumpkin to felt ghosts can add a whole lot of fun to the occasion. The best thing about easy Halloween crafts is that you can make such goodies at really cheap prices and can work them out with your entire family.

One of the most favorite Halloween craft, to begin with, is the Jack-o-lantern! You can spread your creativity by making this popular yet simple Halloween item. You barely need a carving knife and a pumpkin to design the smiley face, triangular eyes, and the picture of a spider and its web. You have to carve a pumpkin, simply fill with tea light candles and you have a wonderful Halloween decoration ready for use.

Jack O Lantern

Another Halloween decoration idea is the milk jug ghost. Simply use an empty milk jug and then draw a ghostly face on to it with a black marker and fill it with Christmas lights. The final piece will be in the form of a great lantern which can be placed on the sidewalks for a spooky feel.

You can also use a cute simple white pillowcase and convert them into spooky backrest seat covers. All you got to do is to take a white pillow cover and then apply black felt with shapes of bats, ghosts or spooky eyes. This can heighten the Halloween effect for parties. Easy Halloween crafts are so wonderful and really work well for that versatile look.

If you want something sturdy then a great idea would be to make a funny all-time durable Jack O’ lantern. All you need is an empty flower vase and paint it in orange color. You can also make the facial features likes eyes, smile with yellow paint. Once this is done you simply have to place the broken branches or twigs in a flower pot hole and the Jack O’ lantern is ready.

Finally, the most favorite craft from this list is the life-sized skeleton made of plastic pipe and head shape milk jug. You can simply connect the pipes in the form of a framework, painted the head white and add some color to the hands. The end result is a perfect spooky skeleton to hang out on the porch or in the front window!


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