Great Tips for Christmas Appetizers

Christmas Appetizers

The Christmas season is filled with so much excitement for most. Many will start preparing for this season as soon as the New Year arrives. Christmas appetizers are the fun part of the meal preparation. The traditional dinner with family and friends can be overwhelming for some but fun and easy for others.

Everyone wants to be able to create delicious treats and appetizers for the guests to enjoy. Cakes, pies and finger sandwiches will most likely dominate the dinner table. In keeping with the season, it is nice to prepare small dishes or deserts in the traditional Christmas colors. Homemade cookies made with red dough can be an attractive addition to any table.

Preparing a jello treat with marshmallows in the colors of red, green and white marshmallows will charm any child. Make mini meatballs on a stick with melted cheese for a dipping sauce for the adults. Homemade mini pizza with vegetable toppings that are white, red and green will also charm the guests. These are not the traditional holiday food but with a bit of imagination, it can become the most requested appetizer.

Parsley and mild red pepper flakes can be added to mashed potatoes to give them that festive appearance. A tray with homemade thinly sliced white bread with red and green jellies will appeal to the eye. A cucumber, onion and tomato salad will also reflect the colors of the season. Many like individuals like cereal without milk. Get a large glass container and fill it with red, green and white cereal. This is a sweet treat that all will enjoy.


Food coloring may become your best friend when preparing holiday food items. Christmas appetizers that are not only delicious but also pleasant to look at will cause the guest to ask to be invited to future dinners.

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