Ideas for Fragrant and Fresh Christmas Wreaths

As far as Christmas wreaths are concerned, nothing can surely take the place of going through the door and getting a quick feeling of standing in a forest with fragrant pinewood, which you can not get from an artificial wreath. It is not that artificial wreaths look bad, junky, cheap or gross or anything. Some artificial wreaths are actually extraordinarily beautiful and are decorated in a fabulous way with golden ribbons and bows, and little bells with sweet holiday chime.


However, such artificial wreaths do not smell as great as the real balsam wreath. There are lots of other fresh wreaths other than balsam and these come with great fragrance as well. A certain kind of cedar has a delightful aroma and it could also look lovely when combines with blue juniper berries and made into wreath. Wreaths made of cedar can also provide a fresh and clean smell that can surely fragrant your home in a wonderful manner and let your guests experience the natural aroma of Christmas.

Traditionally though, balsam is the most commonly used evergreen and the reason behind this is not its intense aroma but its light pine smell. The aroma is not too overpowering, but it can still give out a fragrant smell that would let everyone know they have fresh wreaths and not an artificial one. You will rarely find both fresh and artificial wreaths in one home, although some make use of a fresh wreath for their front door and an artificial wreath for their Christmas table centerpiece.

This year, if you want your home to look fresh and clean but not overpowered by a certain aroma, then you should opt for a balsam wreath. This can be purchased online or you can also check out your local retail stores for its availability. You can also come up with your own fragrant wreath by making one using your choice of fragrance.


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