Inspiring Ideas for French Country Décor

French country Décor is commonly seen in the scenic villages of the south of France, but it has become one of the most well-known interior designs throughout the world. French country style always looks rustic and is made up of natural things, soft tones and subdued shades.

Colors used to decorate the French country decor are some various shades of white, gray or even a pink or peach contrast to a solid color, which brings out the warm and comforting feeling. Rustic furnishings, lighting fixtures, and furniture give warm color and wonderful lines. The furniture needs to be simple and nothing elegant.

You can add some pieces of home accessories to accentuate your look. For instance, add a white ceramic photo frame that sits on the table, or a stack of old suitcases of different sizes stacked up on the floor or a desk lamp with fringes placed around the bottom edge of the lampshade.

The French country look can create a beautifully balanced look that is perfect for you. It can be added to any style you currently have whether it is an extravagant look or a simple down on the farm look.



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