Japanese Bathroom – Designs and Style

Japanese bathroom is widely known for its traditional design that ordinarily comes with wooden short stool, bathtub, and very warm water. Here are some characteristics of original Japanese bathroom you may apply to use for your bathroom design.

The Japanese bathroom is not used for only cleaning purpose. In Japan, bathing features as a social function. People will sit in the tub, soak while discussing in any topics. That’s the way it done.

The bathroom is the place people for recharging power and minimizing the stress. The unique way of bathing in Japanese style is that you have to wash your body with soap and rinse off before getting into the bath tub.

Another feature of Japanese bathing is that they love to take bath with very warm water that may make the foreigners get shocked easily. Japanese tubs are deeper than a standard US tub, and there are bench seats in the tub which allows people to sit and relax while taking a bath.

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