Landscape Design – Do it the Right Way

When people go to your home, come to visit or when you put your home on the market, the first thing they notice is your landscape design. A home can be lacking even ordinary to a degree, but if the outdoor areas are beautifully landscaped, this can make up for any small physical aesthetic drawbacks your home may have.

Just think back to a moment you drove by a lovely home with flowering shrubs, plants and trees. Didn’t you find it pretty, comforting and serene? No matter what neighborhood you live in, creating a simple landscape design to the surrounding areas will always improve the look and value of the entire property.

How It’s Done

Landscaping the right way is about bringing different greenery elements together to create a harmonious look, one that flows from area to area. It should consist of differently sized plants, bushes, shrubs, and trees, but may also follow a certain color scheme, or blooming arrangement.

Before starting any landscaping project, look for ideas you like. Look at images of beautifully landscaped homes, pick up landscape design magazines or look at other local landscaping projects you like. Take notes, make drawings and if possible put it all together with 3-dimensional landscape design software. This will give you a better idea of what your finished landscape should look like.

Visit your local gardening center and talk to the sales associate. Often they are familiar with greenery that does well in the area you live. As a beginner, you want to choose plants, shrubs, and trees that require little maintenance. This is the moment you want to compare prices too.

Write out a budget. Determine what it will cost you to get the landscape area you want. Do this by visiting nurseries and gardening centers to find out what the plants and trees you like cost. Besides, as a beginner, you can gain experience if you first start with just a few basic pieces, and add to these over time.

Go Native

Choose plants, shrubs, bushes and trees that are native to your area, especially if you are unfamiliar with gardening. You don’t want to start out having to prune, dress or feed plants a special way just to get them to adapt to the environment in your area.

The Focal Point

Select one or two trees that grow quickly and which can become your focal point of the landscape. Fill in areas that surround these with smaller shrubs, bushes and plants. Follow the drawings you made. Remember to stage plants so areas have different heights.

The Decision

Decide on whether you will plant yourself or hire a professional gardener to do the digging. Make sure you add the correct amount of mulch and fertilizer to each tree, bush or shrub as you plant them. This will make them more beautiful and sturdier so they can withstand the winter months.

It’s All Done – Now What!

Once you have finished its important that you keep the maintenance up. Primarily you need to remember to water at the right intervals. If you have an automatic sprinkler system then you can set this according to the landscaping needs. Otherwise, you need to remember which plants need watering more often than others. Just remember, all of your hard work will pay off. You’ll have a beautiful landscape design and will raise the value of the overall property.


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