Living Room Décor | African Style

Do you want interior decorating ideas on how to bring a touch of Africa into your living room? The African living room can bring the new atmosphere and warm into your home.

Here are some of the elements and characteristics of an African ambiance you may apply to decorate your living room.

– Dominant colors of this style are beige, olive green, ochre and white and black.

– African furniture is often crafted or sculpted from wood. Chairs and tables are low, massive, carved from one piece, without pegs and grooves. To brighten your living room, you may try furniture that made from woods like pine, cedar, and ash. For a look that is a classic, try the rich, dark and timeless ones like ebony and mahogany. African décor such as rattan, bamboo, wicker items is also popular as well.

– Decorate the area with African decorative items like gourds, plastic, wooden masks, stone statues, figures of tigers and giraffes, wooden bowls, souvenirs made of stone from Africa, etc.

– When using an African mask for decoration, you may need to learn about the meaning of the mask first. African masks always have great historical context behind them and you might want to add one that has a positive story behind its creation.

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