Taking the Best Landscape Photos with a Compact Camera

One of the most popular forms of photography is landscape photography. Landscape photography captures scenic and unbelievable views of the beauty that resides all over the world. The most important elements of any great pictures you need to keep in mind are composition and the quality of light.

All you need to do to get some great landscape photos is to set your compact camera to ‘landscape mode’and follow these tips.

-Always take your landscape picture only when the horizon appears straight.
-Fill two-thirds of your frame with the subject of most interest.
-If your picture has lines, try framing your shot so that the major lines lead the eye toward the main point of interest.
-Look out for clutter. If you can’t get the shot you want without the clutter, use a photo editor like Photoshop to remove it later.

  • Take the landscape photos during the Golden Hours: the first hour after dawn and the last hour before sunset.
  • For dramatic shadows, shoot under a cloudy sky.
  • To get an extra soft effect, almost ethereal effect, shoot on a foggy day.
  • Enhance the power of your image by taking a landscape scene with high contrast.

By following these tips, you can get wonderful landscape photos that you’ll be happy to show off to friends, family and on online photo galleries.




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